Permits, Plan Reviews, Fire Alarms and Sprinklers

Central Jackson County Fire Protection District performs plan reviews on all architectural plans, fire alarm designs, and fire sprinkler designs. Also, all the following inspections are required to be performed, when applicable on all construction projects:

  • Hood and duct acceptance test
  • Fire alarm acceptance test
  • Water flow alarms
  • Hydrostatic testing of sprinkler system when more than 12 new heads or 12 existing heads are relocated
  • Emergency Responder Radio Communication Survey
  • Final CO sign off
Final inspections should not be scheduled until all building systems are in place and complete, including mechanical and electrical systems. This includes cover plates, junction boxes with covers, electrical panel doors in place, breaker schedule posted, and no empty slots in the electrical box

**24 Hour notice is required to schedule all Inspections – Most Inspections will be conducted during normal business days and hours**



Architectural Plan Reviews