Haz Mat Team in Jackson County

The Central Jackson County Fire Protection District’s Hazardous Materials Response Team (CJC HMRT) is made up of 10 hazardous materials technicians trained and equipped for response and mitigation of emergencies involving chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, and explosive (CBRNE) hazards. CJC is part of a cooperative haz mat response team: a component of the Tri-District HMRT, along with Sni Valley Fire Protection District in Oak Grove, Missouri, and Fort Osage Fire Protection District in Buckner, Missouri.

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One of 7 Regional Teams
in the Kansas City Metro

The Tri-District HMRT is one of 7 fully functional teams in the Kansas City Metropolitan area, funded through the Urban Area Security Initiative (UASI), a post 9/11 Federal grant program.

Trained and Equipped to Respond to Local & State Emergencies.

Through funding from UASI, we have gained a level of training and equipment that allows for effective response and hazard mitigation, not only locally, but for the region, and as a state asset. This includes highway and rail transportation, fixed facility, and small business and residential hazardous materials emergencies.

Community Education on Safe Practices

The CJC HMRT also participates in educational and public service events such as the community fall festivals, regional household hazardous waste drop-off, and Citizen Fire Academy training.

How Can We Help You?

CJC is your fire department in Jackson County dedicated to education, protecting, and training our community. Contact us for questions or educational demonstrations.