Operations Division

Equipped to Serve the Community.

CJC employs 131 command, operations, and support staff trained and equipped to carry out the mission of the organization. CJC operates four engines, one ladder truck, and five full-time paramedic ambulances from 5 stations. There are 36 employees assigned to each of three shifts, and all are a firefighter / EMT or firefighter / paramedic, with basic hazardous materials training. In addition, some CJC members are trained to a higher level for response to either hazardous materials or special/technical rescue incidents.

Responding to Almost 10,000 Calls Each Year.

CJC responds to almost 10,000 calls for help every year for fires, emergency medical care, hazardous materials incidents, and heavy rescue needs. Our responses vary based on the need, but can range from and inspector changing a smoke detector battery, to CJCares helping a citizen find needed resources, to a full emergency medical or fire response with advance life support fire trucks and ambulances. CJC provides a high level of service for all the needs of our communities; service they expect and deserve.

CJC Special Teams consist of the  Heavy Rescue Team and the Tri-District Hazmat Team: a cooperative between CJC, Sni Valley Fire, and Fort Osage Fire. 

Education & Station Tours.

In addition, operations crews help conduct public education events such as block parties, on site demonstrations at schools, and station tours. They also help check smoke detectors and change batteries, as well as representing CJC in community events such as parades and fall festivals.