Central Jackson County Community Assessment and Resource Evaluation Service


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An extension of the
traditional firefighter or

Combining a proven fire prevention model with a call prevention/reduction approach.

Through CJCares, CJC seeks to reduce non-emergency usage of emergency resources by “right-sizing” the response and medical care for a given patient in a given situation.

Less Dependence on Emergency Services.

CJCares promotes less dependence on emergency services for patients needing other, more safe, non-traditional forms of assistance.


First, CJCares crew focuses on evaluating frequent requests for assistance from the same address or the same individual. Second, the crew follows up on referrals from hospitals, field crews or Emergency Departments. And third, we focus on community education to medically at-risk populations.

Reducing 9-1-1 Calls and Emergency Rooms Visits.

Over the first six months of the program, we believe CJCares has prevented 177 calls and saved almost 205 hours of emergency availability time. That’s reflected in a 54.9% decrease in the frequency of calls from patients we contact.

Helping Individuals Find Assisted Living Options.

CJCares has been pivotal in helping district members not served by the medical system to locate safer housing options. Over the first six months of the program, a medical home for 2 patients, 4 patrons’ skilled nursing facility placements, 2 home health service placements, 1 hospice placement and 4 court-ordered psychiatric evaluations.

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CJC is your fire department in eastern Jackson County dedicated to protecting, educating, and training our community. Contact us for questions or educational demonstrations.

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