Fire Safety Training in the Blue Springs and Grain Valley Area

Community Risk Reduction Bureau – Fire Division

The mission of the Central Jackson County Fire Protection District CRR Fire Division is accomplished through a comprehensive and effective fire safety training program in its protected communities, focusing on education, fire safety inspections, and investigation.

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Fire and life safety education.

Being involved in the communities we serve is vital to the Central Jackson County Fire Protection District and the relationships we have with those who live and work here. As a cornerstone of that involvement, we take the public fire and life safety programming seriously. But, we also want the learning to be fun.

Fire Safety in the Schools

Twice a year, CJC CRR Fiire Inspectors present programs to all 1st grade and 4th-grade students in Blue Springs and Grain Valley on different fire and life safety topics. The programs are interactive and include discussion, video, and printed materials.

Juvenile fire setter

CJC works with youth involved in starting fires, whether malicious or curious. The program consists of a discussion with a CRR Fire Inspector, video presentations on topics such as making good choices and the consequences of misuse of fire. For repeat or serious offenses, referrals to more capable counseling or law enforcement is available.  To learn more about this program,

contact CRR Inspector Adam Magee at 816-229-2522 or email at

Community Fire Prevention

CJC offers a number of ways to interact with the community while offering information on fire safety, emergency preparedness, and medical assistance. Citizens can visit the fire stations anytime and take a tour. For larger groups, scheduling is required. CJC also participates in on-site demonstrations of the fire truck and equipment to daycares and other facilities.

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In addition, CJC crews attend community and neighborhood events such as block parties, neighborhood parades and events, and community fairs and festivals.

Apartment Buildings
Fire Stations

Fire Inspections

Existing Structures

The CJC CRR Fire Division continues fire and life safety inspections of all commercial occupancies. These inspections include all existing structures and inspections of recently occupied structures.

Building Construction
Hood and Duct Systems

New Construction

The CJC CRR Fire Division reviews all building plans verifying all life and fire safety components are in place as required. Multiple life and fire safety inspections throughout the construction process are performed to ensure adherence to local codes.

Fire Investigations

The CJC CRR Fire Division is responsible for the determination of cause and origin of all fires within our district. We work very closely with law enforcement of the municipalities within our district.

Community Initiatives

Everyone needs working smoking detectors in their homes. At minimum, you should have one on each level of your house. It is estimated that 890 lives could be saved each year by working smoke detectors.  If you cannot afford smoke detectors or are physically unable to install smoke detectors please call 816-229-2522 for assistance.

CJC’s CRR Fire Division is dedicated to education, protecting, and training our community. Contact us for questions or educational demonstrations