Technical Rescue

The CJC Heavy Rescue Team is trained and equipped for events caused by structural collapse, ice events, confined spaces, swift water, and high elevation emergencies. The team is made up of 30 members and are not only a regional asset but can be used in statewide and national level emergencies.

The heavy rescue team has been deployed to such events as recent as the Texas disaster with Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane Katrina, the Joplin MO tornado, and the floods in southwest Missouri in 2017. The CJC Team is also a component of the Kansas City Metro Urban Search And Rescue (USAR) Technical Rescue.

​One of 6 Regional Teams
in the Kansas City Metro

CJC’s rescue team in one of 6 fully functional rescue teams from 4 fire departments in the Kansas City Metro area similarly trained and equipped for rescue emergency response. The team was initially funded through the Urban Area Security Initiative (UASI), a post 9/11 Federal grant program. Along with the CJC team, Kansas City Missouri has 3 teams, Olathe Kansas and Kansas City Kansas Fire Departments each have a recognized team.

Trained and Equipped to Respond to local, state, and federal Emergencies

Through UASI funding and other grant programs, the CJC rescue team has gained a level of training and equipment that allows for an effective response to incidents from regional, state, and federal disasters such as Hurricane Harvey.

After 9/11, the Federal Government passed legislation to increase funding for rescue response. This allowed CJC and other rescue teams to increase capabilities through equipment purchase and training programs with UASI funds.