Fire Sprinkler Requirements

Fire Department Connection (FDC):

    • Must have fire truck access within 50 feet of the building
    • A designated hydrant can be no more than 100 feet from the FDC (not part of the fire flow requirement)
    • The FDC must have a 5 inch Storz connection with a 30 degree turndown
    • The FDC height must be between 36 and 48 inches from ground level
    • There must be a horn and strobe above the FDC with signage in clear view with letters 4-6 inches high, of contrasting color and with reflective quality
    • If multiple FDCs are on a building, each MUST be labeled with the address range it protects
    • If the location of the FDC should change from the plans submitted during the construction process, a visual inspection by CJC of the new location must take place before installation

Sprinkler Activation Notification Devices

Any building with a sprinkler system must have notification devices installed throughout the building as follows:

  • Audible notification appliances must be installed so as to be audible at 15 dBa above average sound pressure level throughout the building
  • Visible notification appliances shall be installed in all public and common use areas, restrooms and corridors in accordance with the spacing requirements reflected in NFPA 72
  • Visible notification devices can be eliminated in normally unoccupied portions of buildings where permitted by the code official
    • Exception: The requirements of this Section do not apply to Group R-3 occupancies.  Contact CJC CRR – Fire Division for details (816-229-9118)

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Sprinkler Plans and Multiple Tenants

  • If multiple tenants share a single sprinkler system, each occupancy MUST have a dedicated sprinkler flow/tamper switch and be addressable to the specific tenant space.  Additionally, the notification/alarm system must also be addressable to the specific tenant space

Sprinkler plans MUST be submitted with a Missouri licensed Engineer stamp for all new systems or existing systems where more than 20 heads are relocated or added


Prepare for success before your Hydro Test!

To ensure NFPA 13 Section is met, an above ceiling inspection shall take place prior to or at the same time as the hydro test.  NO CEILING  or SUSPENDED CEILING TILES shall be in place prior to hydro test being performed


  • Submit plans electronically by uploading to the Dropbox Link below the imbedded permit application:

“Click” here to upload plans to the Dropbox Link