Fire Sprinkler Requirements

Fire Department Connection (FDC):

    • Must have fire truck access within 50 feet of the building
    • A designated hydrant can be no more than 100 feet from the FDC (not part of the fire flow requirement)
    • The FDC must have a 5 inch Storz connection with a 30 degree turndown
    • The FDC height must be between 36 and 48 inches from ground level
    • There must be a horn and strobe above the FDC with signage in clear view with letters 4-6 inches high, of contrasting color and with reflective quality
    • If multiple FDCs are on a building, each MUST be labeled with the address range it protects
    • If the location of the FDC should change from the plans submitted during the construction process, a visual inspection by CJC of the new location must take place before installation

Sprinkler Activation Notification Devices

Any building with a sprinkler system must have notification devices installed throughout the building as follows:

  • Audible notification appliances must be installed so as to be audible at 15 dBa above average sound pressure level throughout the building
  • Visible notification appliances shall be installed in all public and common use areas, restrooms and corridors in accordance with the spacing requirements reflected in NFPA 72
  • Visible notification devices can be eliminated in normally unoccupied portions of buildings where permitted by the code official
    • Exception: The requirements of this Section do not apply to Group R-3 occupancies.  Contact CJC CRR – Fire Division for details (816-229-9118)

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Sprinkler Plans and Multiple Tenants

  • If multiple tenants share a single sprinkler system, each occupancy MUST have a dedicated sprinkler flow/tamper switch and be addressable to the specific tenant space.  Additionally, the notification/alarm system must also be addressable to the specific tenant space

Sprinkler plans MUST be submitted with a Missouri licensed Engineer stamp for all new systems or existing systems where more than 20 heads are relocated or added

  • Submit plans electronically by uploading to the Dropbox Link below the imbedded permit application:

“Click” here to upload plans to the Dropbox Link