General CJC Code Requirements

Fire Extinguishers

  • All fire extinguishers in clear view, mounted with signage above if needed
  • The size and distribution of portable fire extinguishers shall follow IFC 906.3 and must follow IFC 906 for travel distance. If possible, we ask that extinguishers be placed at the exit doors
  • Minimum size fire extinguisher is 5 pounds with a 2A10BC rating

Building Addressing

  • Business addressing must be viewable from the roadway
  • Numbers must be at least 4 – 6 Inches tall
  • Numbers must be of a contracting color and have reflective properties
  • Numbers or suite letter designations are required on rear suite doors

Supra Safe for after hours CJC access

  • Any business with an automatic sprinkler system or fire alarm system shall install a Supra Safe per IFC 506.1
  • A Supra Safe can be obtained by the business by following the link and directions below:

Link to Supra Safe Web Site

  • Type “Central Jackson County”, and you should see “Blue Springs” in the dropdown.  Please ensure you select one of the commercial designs.  We highly recommend ordering early into the projectSupply chain disruptions have caused production delays on Kidde Lockbox Store orders. All current and new orders are delayed up to approximately two months