Due to the mobility of the food truck vendors throughout the Kansas City Metropolitan Area, Central Jackson County FPD (CJC) in partnership with the Heart of America’s Fire Chief’s Association-Fire Prevention Section has established a general requirements inspection checklist for the authorities having jurisdiction (AHJ).  This checklist has been established to help create consistency amongst the AHJ’s and the requirements for mobile food vendors to operate.

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Mobile Food Preparation Vehicle Defined:

Vehicles that contain cooking equipment that produce smoke or grease-laden vapors for the purpose of preparing and serving food to the public.  Vehicles intended for private recreation shall not be considered mobile food preparation vehicles.

What Mobile Food Preparation Vehicles Require an Inspection?

Trucks, vans or trailers containing any equipment that produces smoke or cooking equipment that produces grease-laden vapors being used for the purpose of preparing and serving food to the public.  Examples of equipment would be fryers, flat tops, griddles, pizza oven, sandwich press, generator, hot water tank.

If you are unsure if your truck, van or trailer requires an inspection, please contact us at 816-229-9118.

General Mobile Food Vendor Guidance

  • CJC will require all mobile food vendors who operate within a vehicle or trailer to be inspected for life safety and fire code compliance.
  • CJC will accept a life safety and fire code compliance inspection from another Heart of America’s Fire Chief’s Association AHJ member with proper documentation or a visible mobile food inspection sticker.
  • CJC or any AHJ has the right to be more restrictive than the general requirements of the inspection checklist and has the right to inspect any mobile food vendor.
  • Mobile food trucks should be inspected by the AHJ of the city the vehicle is licensed in.
  • Maintain 10 feet between each mobile food vendor and/or structure
  • Ensure placement of the vendor does not interfere with fire lanes, fire breaks, fire hydrants, egress or exit access of any proximate structure.
  • Make sure all employees know the location of fire extinguishers and how to properly operate during an emergency
  • Train your employees on the location of and how to shut off power and/or gas in case of an emergency.

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Inspection Process

  • To schedule your mobile food vendor inspection for those within CJC’s fire district please call (816) 229-9118 and ask to speak with the Community Risk Reduction-Fire Division.
  • An inspection will be scheduled at our training facility located at 4715 W. US 40 Hwy, Blue Springs, MO 64015
  • An inspection will last approximately 30 minutes.
  • Once the life safety and fire code inspection is completed and you pass, a mobile food inspection sticker will be placed on your vehicle or trailer.


Link to Mobile Food Vendor Checklist 

CLICK HERE for a list of general requirements