Fire Alarm Requirements

General Statements and Requirements

  • Fire alarm systems required by chapter 9 of the International Fire Code or by the International Building Code shall be monitored by a listed central station as defined in NFPA 72
  • A certificate or placard shall be issued by a recognizing organization that has listed the prime contractor for the newly installed fire alarm systems in commercial occupancies in accordance with NFPA 72
  • This regulation shall apply to all fire alarm systems that are newly installed in commercial occupancies that reside within Central Jackson County Fire Protection District boundaries on or after January 1, 2021
  • Additionally, where there is reasonable cause due to noncompliance or faulty conditions, the fire code official may require an existing fire alarm system meet the same requirements as a newly installed system
  • Central station service in full compliance with the 2016 Edition of NFPA 72, Chapter 26, shall be maintained at the protected property, so long as the requirement for the fire alarm exists

Alarm Activation Notification Devices

Any building with a sprinkler system must have notification devices installed throughout the building as follows:

  • Audible notification appliances must be installed so as to be audible at 15 dBa above average sound pressure level throughout the building
  • Visible notification appliances shall be installed in all public and common use areas, restrooms and corridors in accordance with the spacing requirements reflected in NFPA 72
  • Visible notification devices can be eliminated in normally unoccupied portions of buildings where permitted by the code official
    • Exception: The requirements of this Section do not apply to Group R-3 occupancies.  Contact CJC CRR – Fire Division for details (816-229-9118)

Contractor Requirements

  • The prime contractor must be listed with UL UUFX and is responsible for issuing the certificate
  • The prime contractor is responsible for all elements of the fire alarm system (installation, maintenance, testing, inspection, and monitoring)
  • The prime contractor may sub any element of the system to an unlisted contractor with the exception of the monitoring company
  • UL listed prime contractors and UL listed monitoring companies may be found at or contact CJC CRR-Fire for assistance at 816-229-9118


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