Central Jackson Country Fire Department

We continue to implement measures to protect both you and our responders and we wanted to take a moment to let you know about a few changes you might note. These changes are aimed directly at protecting our most vulnerable populations and maintaining our ability to respond. First, we are not taking this most recent virus lightly. While we are confident in our Firefighter-Paramedics’ and Firefighter EMTs’ state of health and their ability to resist or recover if exposed to the virus, the exposure itself is what we are guarding against most. The possibility exists that if exposed to COVID-19, our responders might be necessarily quarantined for as many as 14 days. If a portion of our response force is in isolation, our ability to address daily Emergency Medical and Fire Protection needs could be compromised. With this in mind, please understand if you don’t see us “out and about” for the next few weeks as you are accustomed. Also, station visits, on site demonstrations and many public relations activities have been suspended for the immediate future. Our goal is to minimize potential exposure for our responders to actual emergency calls. There is inherent risk in the business of emergency response, but we constantly strive to ensure our risk yields the greatest benefit. We will risk much in emergencies but please forgive us for the time being if we don’t risk unnecessary exposure, all in effort to make sure we’re there when you need us.



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